Advance Urgent Care Franchise Opportunities


Offer cost effective and best quality urgent care franchise opportunities across this great country of our The Unites States of America.


Become the leader in providing comprehensive urgent care start up and management services to ensure nothing but success for our clients. We will continue to seek and develop cutting edge urgent care business strategies to maximize profits for our clients without compromising the quality of health care delivered by our urgent care centers.


Our management team includes physician leaders who are honest and hardworking with very strong medical and entrepreneur skills. They have a multi year proven tract record of starting and managing successful urgent care centers with small amount of investment. We very strongly believe that most of the problems encountered in starting and managing urgent care centers can be solved without spending a lot of money. If you have a lot of money then you will not need our services. Starting an urgent care center can cost you any where from $100,000-$500,000. You can spend all this money and can still end up with unsuccessful urgent care. We have made our dream come true with small amount of investment and can help you turn your dream of having a successful urgent care into reality. For any further consultation please feel free to contact us at Contact Us page.


1. Our Success & Experience:
Our management team has spent many years to develop and implement successful business solutions for the problems encountered to start and mange the urgent care canters. We have made costly mistakes in the past and want you to learn from such mistakes. We can help you and your urgent care center by sharing our valuable knowledge and experience which is the key for the success of your urgent care center.

2. Comprehensive A-Z Urgent Care Management Solutions:
We can help you step by step from choosing a location for your urgent care, leasing or purchasing office space, architectural, construction, equipment leasing or buying, marketing, HR, Payroll, urgent care forms, policies and procedures, comply with applicable State and Federal laws, urgent care contract negotiations, EMR, medical billing and collections are just the few highlights of our services.

3. Cost Effective:
Most of the available urgent care franchise models require a very large initial franchise fee in addition to a very large initial investment and working capitol. If you have all that money then we recommend that you should buy a fast food franchise and not an urgent care franchise. We do not charge our clients an arm and leg to help them start or manage their urgent care center. Our initial franchise fee is only $20,000 and royalty fee is only $1000.00 per month regardless of the amount of your revenue. We do not want 6% of your annual income because it belongs to you.

4. Urgent Care Business Diversification:
Our management team has developed multiple revenue generating strategies which provides a very good cushion for your success and minimize the risk of failure especially in tough economic situations.

5. Flexible Franchise Model:
If you already have an urgent care which is not performing to its maximum potential? We can offer you to use our franchise name and our professional services to maximize your urgent care center’s business potential for a initial franchise fee of $5000.00 and royalty fee is only $1000.00 per month regardless of the amount of your revenue.

6. National Exposure & Local Marketing:
Our management team has developed multiple marketing strategies to maximize your marketing potential both locally and nationally so that your urgent care will start generating healthy revenue much faster than your competitors. This will improve your cash flow and bottom line. Our marketing strategies have produced measurable results over and over.

7. Free Advertisement Opportunities:
Our management team has made a business agreement with which is the most comprehensive urgent care directory on the web and it will be available to your urgent care center free of cost which will provide a catalyst to ensure your success.

8. No Hidden Agenda:
Some urgent care franchises out there are looking forward to sell you multiple products like EMR software or billing services even if it is not in your interest. They are not interested in your success they are interested in their success. Our management team offers 100% honest, unbiased, professional advice without having any hidden agenda to sell you something that you may not need.

9. Corporate Discount Program:
To keep your overhead cost low our management team has negotiated rock bottom prices for the most commonly used medical and surgical supplies, medical equipments, medications and vaccines which will save your urgent care center thousands of dollars. We have done a very through search about the price of medical supplies and assure you that no one can sell you medical supplies cheaper than our supplier. We make no commission in this process directly or indirectly.

10. Your Success is our Goal:
We want you to succeed because after you team up with our management team our reputation goes with it. We assure you that if we are part of your management team you will have no option but to succeed. You failure will be our failure and we do not want to fail.